Thursday, January 25, 2007

About the mayas

Well the Mayas in Belize was doing well with their culture. The old Mayas has two groups they are the Q’eqchi and the Mopan people but nothing is different only the specking and the style of the clothes that they wear and food that the eat .In Tumul kin we had a culture night for every body to dance with their culture clothes. Which is good for me to known how to dance in our clothes. When I came in I do not known how to dance no music but now I do give a try with the students .The white people come in Toledo to see how the Maya people culture because they like it we they Maya people have a wonderful culture in Belize. The Maya people eat lone cal do not fry things. The Mopan people dance with marimba and the Q’eqchi dance harp. We the Mayas do things in traditional we had leant it to our ancestor.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

About tumul kin

Tumul kin

Well in Tumul kin you can learn many things. We had practical in the morning and class at 10:30. what we had learn in practical we take the lesson in class . Then on Thursday we had culture night for very body to enjoy dancing with each others. Tumul kin was a better education in the Toledo I never know if had Tumul kin is near me I had find out that it was a good school. well in Tumul kin we take six subjects at 4 o’clock we finished class .the we had our breakfast at 6:30 Pm then after that we go to study night . It was a good school you can know each meet friends. We had sports day for the students we enjoyed ourselves playing. we also learn how to plant the seeds . we go home on Friday and come back on Monday. When you come to Tumul kin you have to learn the Maya values and how the old Mayas are formed. In Tumul kin you have to finish the five years. We had a three weeks Christmas holiday. During my Christmas eve I had spend it fine because all of my family was at home we had an enjoyable day on that day we had start in the morning to cook our lunch that we will eat on that day, we had eat caldo with hot corn tortilla and cacao drink and we had some snacks. After that we dance marimba with our family. On the 8 of January I am very happy because I am coming back to Tumul kin to see my friends.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tumul kin slaughter pig today .

Hi , I am a studen of tumul kin we went to the pig pen in the morning. The boys weight the pig that they will slaughter. They slaughter a pig because we will have a Christmas party at tumul kin . The pig weight is 120pounds itwas a huge pig. They half of the student clean the pig but the three girl went to get the leaves and sticks .

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

About tumul kin.

My Name is Leticia Coc. I am from San Jose village but I come to tumul kin to try to study more. Well I stay here for five days it was enjoyable day at tumul kin. On every Thursday we have our culture night enjoying dance with others. Not every we have fun sometimes we spend times with our home works.